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Ugliest Design Mistakes Ever

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You've made a mistake before right? Well these have to be the aboslute ugliest fails in design history! From airplanes with radar detection, that look like they've got a fat nose, to the smallest planes on earth! Even cars, and bridges are out of bounds!

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Did you ever see a prototype of a car, or a plane, and just instantly know that it was going to be a failure? Well, the people who designed these prototypes sure could use that skill.

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Well, when you’re part of the design team for a flying prototype, or for a new, innovative bridge, mistakes are definitely bound to happen. Unfortunately, its times like these when mistakes can land you in especially hot water. Design flaws in car, airplane, bridge, or architectural prototypes can have very costly consequences for the companies producing them, and for the people testing them. From flawed structural designs, to downright strange aesthetics, design failures can result in someone, or maybe even a whole team getting canned! Incidentally, many of the design failures we’re about to show look like they came straight out of a can! We’re kidding, but you’ll see what we mean. Join us as we open this can of worms, and take a look at some of the biggest design failures humankind has ever conceived!

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