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Testing Buzzfeed Tasty Recipe DIY Rainbow Crepe Cake!! :D

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Testing Buzzfeed Tasty Recipe DIY Rainbow Crepe Cake!! :D
I haven't filmed a proper baking video in what feels like ages but lots of you miss my testing DIY/Baking videos so I decided to film a Testing Pinterest and Buzzfeed video! and cooked a rainbow crepe cake (or as I'd say rainbow pancake cake) Let me know if you want to see more videos testing Pinterest and Buzzfeed DIY's and ALSO let me know in the comments how your habits are going!
It's day 2 of my 21 habits in 21 days and so far I've only failed on Spanish and waking at 7am :')

I often get asked about items/clothing/makeup/equipment used in videos so here’s a little list of links to all my most used bits and bobs if you’re interested :) Some links may be affiliate links* :)

My outfit : Top is from Asos but is no longer available
My lipstick (matte - wagasa twirl) : https://bit.ly/2W5YcbG
My mascara : https://bit.ly/2YjrMNR
My foundation : https://bit.ly/3aSigUz
My glasses : https://bit.ly/2YjYJJP

The fake tan I use : https://bit.ly/2ydlzIA
The fake nails I use : https://bit.ly/2yUq7Uc
My favourite nail polish : https://bit.ly/2PUC4hy

The camera I use : https://bit.ly/3cVSpfI
The camera lens I use : https://bit.ly/2SCEpjx
Vlog camera 1 : https://bit.ly/2WcDVRZ
Vlog camera 2 : https://bit.ly/2KOvffq
Vlog camera 2 lens : https://bit.ly/2KIV9RI
Vlog camera tripod : https://bit.ly/2KLCxAr
Vlog camera tripod : https://bit.ly/2KMBiB5

*If you click any of the affiliate links, I get a teeny commission from recommending the products to you, but the price you pay will remain exactly the same! It just helps me out a little :)

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