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Q&A get to know me

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hope yall got to know me more after this vid xx
thank you to the thousands of ppl who asked me questions, im sorry if i didnt answer yours, here are some more questions i didnt record my answer to-

1-what happened between u and the guy w nice eyebrows?
we went on a date, he asked me to be his gf, i said yes, then like a month later his ex came back into his life n he told me he wasnt ready for a relo and dumped me. then like a month later after he was 'ready again' we tried talking again and it wasnt the same. thank u next.

2- what eyelashes do u wear?
most of my lashes are from baddielash on ig, or from wish.

3- did u play any sports growing up?-
i did competitive athletics and swimming hehe

4-what was your first job-
customer service host at auckland airport

yay ily guys bye, stay safe in your bubble xoxo

ig- mishhhaaaaa
tiktok- mishhhaaaaaa
email- mishascontact@gmail.com

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