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I Am A Toyboy Of My Boss. And I Like It!

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My name is Rick! My ex-girlfriend simulated an injury to attract my attention, but unfortunately she attracted someone else…

At the beginning of this story, I was 23. I’d just graduated from college, had a lot of debt, and huge ambitions. I moved to San Francisco, hoping to start a successful career. After a while, I was hired by one cool advertising agency as an assistant. When I first met my boss, Rachel, she was sitting in her office with a nail technician who painted her nails. At the same time, she was having a Skype call with the company’s President and yelling at him, asking for higher budget. Rachel was very pretty and passionate. From the very first day, she gave me a long to-do-list and demanded perfection. But I didn't mind!
One evening, I urgently printed fresh designs and brought them to Rachel’s house just like she asked. She was flirting with me and, eventually, we spent that night together. We started an affair and after a while she asked me to move into her place. Rachel’s offer was very seductive. On the one hand — I could save money on my rent, and on the other — her house was very beautiful.

When I moved in, Rachel threw away almost all of my stuff without even asking me. She told me that her boyfriend shouldn't look like a hobo! The next day, she invited a personal shopper over and we went shopping together and purchased new clothing for me. I tried on thousands of items and felt exhausted. I could barely afford to buy all these things. But Rachel hinted that I was going to get a promotion soon. After shopping, she took me to the hairdresser. I got a haircut, a beard and eyebrow design, a manicure, a pedicure, and hair removal in the most sensitive places on my body… If you know what I mean. Sh insisted! I was screaming like a baby.

Then for my birthday she prepared a special gift — tutorials! A series royal etiquette lessons. I spent my free time memorizing all kinds of forks and knifes and contemporary art history to prevent disgracing my girlfriend. That is how possessed I was… Ok… Maybe I was also trying really hard, because I was hoping to get that promotion. I felt like I was working for Rachel 24/7. But it paid off! After a month, she made me an account manager and my salary was raised.

After a year, I looked like a completely different person. My college friends barely recognized me when we had an alumni meeting. I went there alone and met Jane — a waitress and art student. I accidentally pushed her and she spilled a few glasses. I apologized and we had a brief conversation. Before leaving I asked for her number, telling her that I maybe had a job for her. Honestly, I didn't have any job for her, I just liked her. And I was so sick of Rachel’s tough love by that time! So I asked Jane out and we had a great time roller skating in the park and eating junk food — I missed that so much in my relationship! Jane was bisexual and her last girlfriend cheated on her and it broke her heart. So she told me she wouldn't date me as long as I was in a relationship with someone else.

When I returned from my first date with Jane, I found Rachel taking a bubble bath. She asked me to massage her feet. While massaging them I told her that I was unhappy and suggested that we breakup. Her reaction was very passive-aggressive. She said: “Of course you can go Rick, but we both know that you will come back…” and then she turned on relaxation music and continued her beauty routine. I packed my bags quickly and headed to my friend’s home. Rachel didn't even say goodbye.

I was humiliated, but I was free! Rachel left for a long business trip to Miami, which was perfect. I had concerns that she might sabotage my career to get revenge, but she didn’t. Meanwhile, Jane and I became a couple and began to live together. We even got a cat together!

When Rachel returned from her journey, she overloaded me with work on a new project so I could barely spend any time with Jane… She would call me in the middle of the night to discuss business. Rachel began to make attempts to seduce me again in the workplace. I tried to ignore her hints and brought Jane to the corporate Christmas party to clarify that I was in a relationship. When Rachel saw us, she got furious! My colleagues asked me to break the piñata and blindfolded me. It took some time… When I finally broke it and took off my mask, Jane was already gone. And Rachel looked very satisfied.

I found Jane at home packing her bags and crying. At the party Rachel took her aside and said that I had had an affair with every girl in our office. And then she tried to seduce Jane. Rachel said that she was bisexual, but that doesn't mean that she can touch my girlfriend!



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