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money mysteries part 2 is a continuation of part one....the reason for the cash app ...is to encourage a heart of helping one another when you check through the comments coz some of your sisters and brothers need help...ensure that you are truly inspired to help and mindful prayer.
the lady iam focusing on this week her comments are in my previous videos and i will just copy and paste here: this is her story;;
Hi, Im grateful today because I found your channel on youtube. You are so kind. I love how gentle you are. I'm searching a lot of people who are willing to help me with this kind of situation. And i'm so glad God answered my prayers and he gave us a blessing and the blessing is you. Please help us here in the Philippines. All my neighbors are suffering because of lack of foods and money. I want to help them but I do not have enough money. Please help us, my mother also doesn't have enough money to sustain are daily needs. My father was also died last week because of corona virus.. My mother always crying because she hated to see us hungry. My grandmother has a Corona Virus right now and I don't know what to do because we have so much to pay. I'm praying that you will notice me. Thank you so much and im hoping and praying God will continue to bless you.
It will help us a lot if I'm going to win on this giveaway, we will pay our bills on hospital. And also buy some foods. Because we are so hungry. I liked the video, I subscribed, and shared your youtube channel on my social accounts because you deserves more. You are a blessing to us. I'm hoping and praying to win.
$fridamajestic is my cashapp;;;feel free to donate to help others.

After prayer ,taking inspired action is Faith with works.
The biggest cash back website to fit most of,if not all of your natural needs

I use my phone mostly for instagram and u tube:

my camera occassionally:

beauty website I support:

contact e-mail:
fridamajestic on facebook,Instagram,twitter

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