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Apple Roofing : IKO Shingles, 60 trucks, $6MM office, DEBT Free Business

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Apple Roofing : IKO Shingles, 60 trucks, $6MM office, NO DEBT
Apple Roofing is on @Roofing Insights directory: https://roofinginsghts.com/directory

Earlier this week we thought it would be a good idea to jump in the car and drive from Minneapolis, MN to Lincoln, NE for a quick tour of the amazing Apple Roofing HQ. With over 6 million dollars spent on the space alone, we were impressed all the way through from the custom wood finishes to the branded nails. Dustan, the CEO showed us around his block and shared some of the secrets to the recipe for an extremely successful roofing company.

Leave us a comment below if you want your company featured next and tell us why we should come hang out with you!

00:07 Music intro
00:28 Company introduction
01:10 Beginning of company tour
01:40 Conference table spotlight
03:04 What CRM do you use?
03:09 Why do you have a huge printer?
03:38 How much new construction do you do?
04:02 Manage repair programs
09:42 Talk about IKO shingles
10:13 Metal forming machine
11:50 Custom flashings
12:35 How big is your warehouse?
13:25 Do you install a lot of James Hardie?
14:03 Custom nails
16:27 Custom synthetic felt paper
17:06 Peaked Pallets
19:13 How many roofs do you do a year?
23:29 Mystery gutter machine
24:00 Talk me through your process
26:45 Production
32:30 Company statistics
33:28 Training room
34:25 Apple Roofing commercial
35:25 Outro

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