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A Day In My Life: Art, *Feet Pics*, and Hamsters | Tiffany Weng

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Hey everyone! Here's the links n codes for the beautiful ring I wore in this video from Jeulia!

Jeulia website: https://jeulia.io/9aes
Jeulia ring:https://jeulia.io/9aet
Mother's Day Promotion:
1.free logo earrings for any order
2.10% off sitewide, Use Code: M10
3.20% off buy 2 or more, Use Code: M20

So I've really been slacking with the videos lately, but I have a bunch filmed and ready to be edited! Now just to find the motivation to actually do it.... hmmmm...
I hope everyone has been well during these troubling times, and hopefully my videos can keep you busy if you're stuck at home feeling very very bored :)

Here's all that I have done in just one day, perhaps the *most* productive day I've had in a while ;)

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